Shilajit Introduction and Its Benefits for Human Health

The word Shilajit has a number of meanings including rock invincible, destroyer of weakness and victor of mountains. This particular word has been derived from Sanskrit and the herb offers numerous wonderful health benefits. Being an ancient traditional and herbal medicine, Shilajit is used as an anti-aging compound and a rejuvenator. It is a magical herb that boosts your body’s natural ability to resist against trauma and stress. It is also used by many herbal practitioners as a substance to increase the effectiveness of different herbal supplements. Shilajit has been approved as a panacea by various scientific researches. Studies have elaborated that this particular herb consists of a multifaceted mixture of organic substances and microbial metabolites happening in the rhizospheres of rocks.

Origin of Shilajit

According to researchers, Shilajit is very ironic in fulvic acid and has an exclusive phytocomplex composition. Based on this nature of the compound, researchers postulate that Shilajit is created through the decay of plant materials from species like Trifolium repens and Euphorbia royleana. It take centuries for this decomposition to occur and hence this natural compound is known to be a millenary product created by nature. Nevertheless, a few more studies have shown that many other plant organisms could also generate Shilajit, these may include molds as Fissdens, Thuidium, Barbula, Minium and other species such as Dumortiera, Pellia, Asterella, Plagiochasma, Stephenrencella-Anthoceros and Marchantia. Shilajit is found in different parts of the world, however, the one found in Skardu Gilgit Baltistan is the purest of all and offers magical effects.

Benefits of Shilajit

Being a super natural herb, Shilajit has numerous wonderful health benefits for human beings. Some of the noteworthy advantages are given below.


Having an exclusive set of well proven antioxidant properties, Shilajit lessens glutathione and inhibits lipid peroxidation. According to I layman’s terms, it stops the free radicals that originate oxidation in human blood. As a result, a person enjoys great health without getting irritated by any sort of oxidation problem.

Stabilization of Mood

Mood stabilization is a great advantage of using Shilajit. Anyone who starts using this natural herb will notice a quick change in his behavior, getting more balanced with every intake. It works like a magical aid for people having anxiety disorders. After using for a weeks, you will notice that anxiety has become a past case for you.


Shilajit has a great power to combat against different kinds of bacterial infections including streptococci and staphylococci. This tendency proves its worth as a powerful antibacterial element. So if someone gets infected by any kind of bacteria, Shilajit can react to protect against harmful infectious elements.

Immune System

Shilajit works as a non-specific immune simulator. Researches have shown its worth to revive the immune system, improving overall immune functions and getting your immune system back to its natural rhythm. Bringing human life back to its normal and balanced state is a something that Shilajit can achieve in just a few weeks.

Alcohol Addiction and Withdrawal

Shilajit showed comparable outcomes to the prescription medicine when tested against the Xanax in curating anxiety due to alcohol withdrawal. This natural herb presented a momentous lessening in various stress levels without creating any kind of side effects. It means Shilajit offers huge benefits in alcohol addiction.

Cognitive Enhancer

Shilajit has been used conventionally to enhance the mental functions, showing both effects in improving memory and the learning ability. Modern science has confirmed these benefits of Shilajit by showing that the resin was really able to slow down the natural deterioration of neurons in a person’s nervous system.

Blood Sugar in Diabetes

Shilajit has shown its miracles to improve blood sugar levels in patients of diabetes. It works effectively in repairing and regenerating the pancreas gland. As a result, the patient of diabetes starts to feel better by the regular intake of Shilajit. Controlling blood sugar levels with this supreme herb has now become quite easy.


Another wonderful thing that makes Shilajit no less than a miraculous herb is its ability to balance your sleep and active lifestyle. After using the purest Shilajit from Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, you will observe that your sleeping habits are improved greatly. Your tiredness will go away in the night and you will wake in the morning absolutely fresh.

Tissue Regeneration and Repair

No one can deny the unbelievable reformative effects of Shilajit. It has great results for healing bone and muscle tissues. According to the recent studies, Shilajit has proven its worth in healing the bones that were broken. This is really a magical improvement in healing broken bones and increasing muscle mass after activities.


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