2 X 30 ml Himalayan Shilajit (Drops)

2 X 30 ml Himalayan Shilajit (Drops)


Royal Healing Shilajit, as its name suggests, is the most superior version of Shilajit. How is it possible to make the best Shilajit even better? At Himalayan Healing, we tested various ways and found a way out to produce the finest quality of the pure Shilajit. Shilajit resin or Shilajit droplets formation is a process of filtration of Shilajit extract layer by layer. When Shilajit rocks are first dissolved in pure water, the resin leaves the rocks bare and mixes in the water. Set aside, the filtrate settles down, and it is passed through various natural filters during the purification process. Once filtered, the solution is left in the sun for weeks to dry in the sun. Eventually, all the water evaporates leaving behind pure resin what we actually call pure Shilajit. But what is interesting here is where the story of pure Shilajit ends, it story of Royal Shilajit begins. As the pure Shilajit resin settles, the very bottom layer settles the best part of Shilajit which contains the denser and more superior quality of Shilajit nutrients. Using this finest part of Shilajit, we combined it with Himalayan glacier water to make Royal Shilajit intense droplets; these droplets are extremely rich in natural minerals and micronutrients, the best quality that can possibly not get any better is why we call it Royal Shilajit!

Royal Shilajit is 100% food safe and is free of every kind of heavy metal or any other bacterial contamination. It has been tested in internationally recognized third-party labs to ensure its safety of use. It is recommended by the world-renowned nutritionist Dr. Kareem Ali, the expert on professional nutritional counseling who rose to fame in the Middle East after counseling thousands of referred persons by many physicians



Himalayan Healing Shilajit Royal Edition is the premium, highest quality Gold Shilajit in drops form. A special care has been put on every bottle to ensure that each droplet of Shilajit is extremely potent to meet the high expectations and the well being expected from its use. We directly source and supply the finest quality fresh Royal Shilajit from the origin to guarantee the authenticity and the best quality!


Shilajit health benefits out-measures all other modern dietary supplements as it is 100% natural and organic. It is great for the body, brain, and heart | It is a good anti-agent | it can kill chronic fatigue and stress | It is considered great for venereal health | It has been used for centuries -Give it a try! Your body will thank you!

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At Healing Shilajit we invest a lot of hard work  to ensure that we get the very best of the minerals and micronutrients, this is why we personally source it ethically from the world’s highest source,  from altitudes above 16,000ft in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, right in the neighbourhood of the K2 and Nanga Parbat,  a place known to be the roof of the world.  The special geographical features gives it the unique rock mineralogy adding to richness in its contents. The environment in these sky high mountains from where we source our Shilajit is pristine and is free from heavy metals, pollutants, fertilizers, and chemicals and preserves the extreme purity of Shilajit.


In order to acquire the highest quality Shilajit resin, the purification techniques used must not only remove impurities and other contaminations, it must also not change its original composition – it is mandatory to preserve its actual mineral essence! Modern technological methods often negotiate the quality to produce faster! Authentic Natural Shilajit making is a slow process that requires a lot of patience and time which commercial producers don’t have! Adding superiority, we use pure minerals rich Himalayan spring / glacier water in the filtration process and once Shilajit is filtered, we dry it in the sun under 40 °C . In contrast, commercial  manufacturers use high artificial heat during drying process to have bigger and faster production, but during the constant high heating process, many micronutrients in Shilajit are lost. Whereas, Healing Shilajit is prepared under the strictest organic standards to conserve its original composition and its organic nature to the fullest. This is what makes Healing Shilajit the best in the world!


Pure Himalayan Shilajit. Highly purified Gold grade Shilajit mineral pitch in drops form.

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Is Himalayan Healing Shilajit clean and safe from heavy metals? Yes! Our Himalayan Healing Shilajit is 100% food safe and healthy and does not contain any heavy metals or any other food contamination. ! It is rated as A+ Shilajit from the samples tested by Clean Food Experts in globally specialized labs, such as “CWC” in USA and “ALS” in Australia dealing with Food and Contamination Testing. We can readily share an email copy on your request.


Take about 5 droplets, dissolve in warm drinking water and drink on empty stomach 30 minutes before your breakfast! If you want to enhance the energy level it is highly recommended to add one tea spoon of honey and one garlic clove cut in small pieces and take with Shilajit liquid! Best is to store it in room temperature in a dry place. It is 100% water soluble. If you want to dispose off, it is organic and dissolves in water. You can drain it with water.


Unfortunately Shilajit doesn’t taste and smell as good as chocolate! It has a bitter taste! It is because Shilajit has plant  remains decomposed for millions of years. Though it may not taste and smell the best it is a gift of nature, the strongest and the most potent natural supplement having over 84 natural minerals and trace elements. Shilajit works to improve almost all kinds of weaknesses. It is considered to be the best carrier of energy & best anti-agent. There is  great saying by Mark Twain:

‘The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.’ :

Important Notes:

Our Shilajit suits vegans and vegetarians. It is completely safe and free of all side effects. However, bear in mind it is a natural antioxidant so some people might experience mild physical changes on the first day as Shilajit removes toxins from the body.

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