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  1. William M. Doyle June 22, 2019

    After trying several other brands of shilajit I ran across some of your 10 g. jars that were available via Amazon Prime. I bought 6 of them because I consider your product to be unsurpassed in quality and the meticulous care and attention to detail you devote to every aspect of your business. I take a huge quantity of supplements as I attempt to recover from chronic end stage alcoholism and yours has had one of the most profound affects on my mental and physical well being out of all of them. I would like to encourage people who seek advice from me on the use of supplements such as yours in recovery but most of them need the product quickly. Please consider keeping more inventory in the United States. It would be a shame for people to have to settle for far less than the best because they need shilajit quickly. Your work is very much appreciated!

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