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Best Time to Take Shilajit in Winter Season

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

The 80+ minerals, high potency, and being natural is what makes Shilajit the ultimate choice for many. Many people prefer natural supplements over chemists products and Shilajit is one of those natural supplements with probably the highest number of health pro ingredients. Like many other natural supplements, Shilajit comes in different qualities, depending on the region it is extracted from. Majority of the Shilajit consumers all around the world believe that Himalayan region Shilajit is one of the best quality Shilajit in the world. We, the Himalayan Healing, are one of the proud exporters of Himalayan Shilajit all over the world. We have ton of satisfied customers in the world, especially from USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  Our list of customers grows with every passing day. Many new customers reach us to know about the best time to consume Shilajit. For all those customers and readers, following is a brief Shilajit usage direction based on studies, experience, and feedback from our valued customers.

Morning Time

Morning is the best time to consume Shilajit, especially before breakfast. If you are an athlete or a person who loves jogging in the breezing morning of the winter season, then the small doze of Shilajit before starting the workout is the perfect time of Shilajit consumption. There are many reasons of consuming Shilajit before starting the workout. Shilajit is the natural energy booster. Taking Shilajit before exercise gives you extra strength to continue with your workout. The second obvious reason is the supply of the natural ingredients deep inside the body cells when there is no other food in the stomach to be processed by the body. Some people find it hard to digest the Shilajit during the night time. Taking Shilajit in the morning is also the best time for all those users.

Day Time

Consuming Shilajit during the day time is not recommended for those who start their day early morning, say e.g people working in the offices. This is mainly because you already have your lunch or brunch and consumed some other food that is already being processed in the stomach or being supplied to the body cells. Consuming Shilajit at this time period is less effective. However, if you wake late or stay at home all the day (house women especially) without much food in the stomach, you can take Shilajit in the day time.

Night Time

Consuming Shilajit at night has better results as compared to consuming Shilajit at the day time. The obvious reason is the functioning of the body while you sleep. The Shilajit ingredients are taken to the process and body deficiencies and requirements are fulfilled better at that time.

Shilajit gives better results when the body needs some energy. This happens when the stomach is empty or wants some more food. Providing Shilajit at that time pushes the Shilajit ingredients in the process of digestion and converting into the energy and food required by the body cells.

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