World’s Finest Shilajit Sourced from the Highest Himalayas - Roof of the World 16,000feet



Himalayan Healing Shilajit is the highest quality Gold Grade Shilajit – Sourced from the World’s Highest Point – the Upper ranges of Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindukush mountains above 16000ft from Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan – Neighbouring World’s highest peaks like K2 and Nanga Parbat! This region is called “The Roof of the World”. This high environment is pristine and free from pollutants, fertilizers and chemicals due to the purest mountains that make air “ oxygen heaven” its rural lifestyle that protects this environment. Moreover Shilajit from this is considered the best and most potent in the world due to its existence in the most unique geographical location owing to the fastest increasing slope. Healing Shilajit is manufactured under the strictest organic standards. What makes this Shilajit the best among others is that it comes to you directly from the source. We produce our Shilajit fresh per every order unlike others who have stock waiting on shelves since months. It is rare, unique, non commercial and Truly Authentic ! It is limited at times because of its difficult production procedure in challenging weather and altitude. While it is there grab yours!


Shilajit:  Nature’s perfect food. Formed by mountains crushing together vegetation eons old, it comes out as a thick resin, formed at altitudes above 16000 feet. It has huge amount of natural Fulvic Acid as it is obtained from plant residues that has deep roots in soil! Hand collected, a very dangerous job, it is purified, resulting in the world’s only supplement that gives the body ALL 85 nutrients it requires. It is number one herb used in Ayurveda. You WILL feel the difference. Though it comes from a few places worldwide, we will even tell you what RANGE in the Himalayas it came from. Only the best comes from the upper ranges of Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush mountains that is exactly where ” Himalayan Healing Shilajit” is sourced from! Shilajit has been used for centuries. Give it a try. Your body will thank you.

Why Healing Shjilajit

Extreme Quality | Extreme Potency | Gold Graded | Sun Dried | Immediate Result| Lab Tested | 100% Natural

If there is any natural product that contains all the elements needed by body, it is Shilajit

The major active ingredients in Shilajit are: Fulvic, Humic acids, Benzoic acid, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Nickel, Potassium, Silicon, Silver, Sodium, Barium, Sulfur, Iodine, Strontium, Rubidium, Cesium, Chromium, Antimony, Vanadium, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Glycosides, Carotenoids retinol, Terpenoids, vitamin B including B2 and B12, vitamin C, vitamin E,  Melanoidin, Polyphenol complexes, Dibenzo-alpha pyrones, Phospholipids Triterpenes and Phenolic acids, Albuminoids, Hippuric and Oxalic acid, Tannic acid, and Bioflavonoids.

It is known as “Destroyer of Weakness”. Shilajit is considered to be the best carrier of energy in the human body. Contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, Triterpenes, DBPs and trace elements that the human body needs to function optimally, and Fulvic and Humic Acids which helps the body absorb these minerals at the cellular level.Ingestion of Fulvic acid removes the toxins and heavy metals from your body. Shilajit is a wonderful health, energy, and immune system enhancer, the best natural antioxidant! Shilajit has been consumed as a dietary supplement for thousands of years in Asia because of the many benefits it provides. .

• It is considered as the best Anti Oxidant – Anti Agent.

• Supports the body’s optimum energy metabolism rate which naturally slows as we age. It is considered by traditional Ayurvedic medicine to increase the central energy of body and mind and is famous for being supporting a healthy reproductive system in both men and women.

• Has traditionally been consumed to nourish and support the immune system of the body to increase strength, stamina and pain endurance.

• Has been traditionally used to support recovery time of muscles and tendons. It is best for the health of your muscles and bones

• Provides a natural organic way to maintain health and support athletic performance.

• It is considered the best supplement for overall well being of the body a great relaxant as it substantially reduces the stress level.

 • It makes your sleep better!

• Best source of overall energy for those going on mountains expeditions, gym, yoga, running etc

To know more about the benefits of Shilajit visit our blog section on our website.

Shilajit can be tested on the following characteristics for its authenticity and purity

a) Smell: Pure Shilajit has fresh organic earthy smell.  Smell of Shilajit is pleasant though it’s strong! 
b) Texture and Color: Shilajit is a black/brown tar like substance! Gold graded Shilajit has a red wine like shade in light when it’s dissolved in water.  We send our Shilajit in resin form as its sun dried! Most Cooked Shilajit are hard like rock and difficult to scoop.
c) Solubility: Shilajit is soluble in water if mixed well! It never dissolves in 100% alcohol or in any oil.
d) Purification: It’s very simply to check if your Shilajit is well purified or not! Simply put a very small amount of Shilajit under your front teeth and press! If there is any grit or sand it means your Shilajit isn’t well purified! This is the easiest way to check the purification of your product! Pure Shilajit never catches any flame if exposed to fire directly! It become ash!

e) Lab Test: This is little expensive but the best way to test your Shilajit if you have any doubts on your product! Here is the Lab in USA that test Shilajit for all the heavy metals

Food Graded Glass / Silicon Jar Packing! Run warm water over the jar so you can open the jar easily without any problem! It becomes paste at normal temperature so keep this in refrigerator or in standing position for an hour before you open the cap of the jar so it settles down and won’t get stuck with the cap of the jar. We send 2-5grams extra to avoid any wastage.

Shipping takes estimated 2-3weeks worldwide it may sound long time but please remember it is coming to you fresh from half the world away!

Compare our Shilajit it to any brand! Guaranteed to be the best quality most purified EFFECTIVE and fresh Shilajit Ever! 

You must give it a try! You body will really thank you! 

DISCLAIMER: Packaging may vary slightly. Not intended to be used as medicine.

Shilajit can be used in many ways internally and externally!

We recommend various ways to use Shilajit

a) Take about the size of pea (300mg – 500 mg) and dissolve this in warm drinking water and drink on empty stomach 30 minutes before your breakfast! If you want to enhance the energy level it is highly recommended to add one tea spoon of honey and one garlic clove cut in small pieces and take with Shilajit liquid! Don’t chew garlic! Simply swallow it with Shilajit liquid. Shilajit helps detoxify body so it’s recommended to drink plenty of water.
b) Shilajit can be used with green tea at anytime during a day without adding sugar to it. 
c) It can also be taken with warm milk and honey one hour before you sleep! 

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