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Dealing Anxiety with Natural Resources

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

We live in a busy-chaotic world. Some anxiety is normal in the kind of lifestyle we’re leading. The feeling of getting anxious isn’t always bad since it makes you aware of the danger or threat, helps you take calculated risks, and keeps you organized and disciplined. However, when you start getting anxious on tiniest things, it’s time to dealing anxiety seriously.

Here are some natural ways that will help you take control over your anxiety before it starts controlling you.

1.     Stay Physically Active

Physical exercise is very important for your overall well-being including mental health. Regular workout ensures a good blood-flow throughout your body and eases your anxious mind. Exercising is very good for your emotional health and the results it offers are not short-term. You feel relaxed for hours and you may permanently get rid of anxiety if you start exercising daily.

2.     Say No to Caffeine

If you’re suffering from chronic anxiety, caffeine is one of your biggest enemies. It may cause jitter or nervousness which makes anxiety disorders even worse. Regular intake of caffeine may also lead to panic attacks in those who are suffering from panic disorders. Eliminating caffeine may significantly improve your mental health and reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

3.     Don’t Drink Alcohol

When people are stressed or anxious, they turn to alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative drink that might provide you the feeling of calmness after 2-3 drinks. But when the sedation wears off, anxiety returns and gets worse than before. If you rely on alcohol for extreme anxiety, rather find the root cause and fix it. Otherwise, you may end up with alcohol dependence.

4.     Get Proper Sleep

Insomnia or sleeplessness is one of the leading reasons behind anxiety. Therefore, getting adequate sleep is very important when you’re suffering from anxiety. You can make an effective sleep schedule by only sleeping at night when you’re tired, avoiding use of phone, tablet, or any kind of gadget on bed, avoiding caffeine and large meals before you sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you can also try guided medication.

5.     Stop Smoking

Regular or hard smokers often go for a cigarette when they feel anxious and stressed out. Taking a drag on smoking when you’re stress may seem like an easy fix, but it becomes a major problem in the long term. According to a study, smoking increases your chances of developing anxiety and stress disorders with time. Research also suggests that smoking can alter your brain pathways and jeopardize its response to anti-stress and anti-anxiety treatments.

6.     Meditation

Meditation is a great practice which is specifically meant to free your mind from damaging and negative thoughts. It brings the sense of mindfulness and living in the moment. According to a research, 30 minutes of meditation daily can alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Not only that, it helps you sleep better at night. If you can’t focus or concentrate while you meditate, download guided meditation sounds and follow them. Find at least 15 minutes every day for meditation to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and positive energy.

7.     Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy diet plays a crucial role in your mental and physical health. According to different studies, low blood sugar, dehydration, and chemicals in processed food can be mood-altering and stressing. Also the foods that increase blood pressure may also cause stress and anxiety. Therefore, choose your meals wisely. Keep yourself hydrated, stuff your pantry with protein and nutrients rich foods, and avoid processes foods as much as you can.

These were some of the best ways to get rid of anxiety. Apart from these natural remedies, you can try aromatherapy, massage therapy, probiotics and many other ways to cope up with this mental illness.

8.     Take Shilajit as Supplement

Shilajit is a great herbal remedy for anxiety. According to many studies, Shilajit has direct calming response to the body’s stress levels. Shilajit is a truly amazing herbal supplement extracted from the rocks of Himalaya to serve many medicinal purposes. It is combination of 85 organic trace minerals, fulvic acid and plant-based antioxidants that ensures a great physical and mental health. Phosphorus and Magnesium present in Shilajit reduce the symptoms of fatigue and weakness which are primary reasons behind stress and anxiety. It helps in muscle relaxation and offers a calming effect with its rich nutritional profile. We guarantee you the best Shilajit with amazing natural effects on your health. Try our Himalayan Shilajit product with 100% money-back guarantee.

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