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How Shilajit Can Contribute to Hair Loss Control

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Even at the beginning of time, hair was a symbol of power. There are several legends associated with hair. The most popular is the one of Samson, who lost all his strength after Delilah cut his hair in his sleep. Even now, the hair represents virility and health. So it’s very important to prevent hair loss and help its regeneration.

Nutrients for Healthy Hair

Many factors can affect the hair’s vigor. Most of them are aspects of daily life that are impossible to avoid, such as stress, hormones, pollution, coffee, chocolates. But we can fight them with the right nutrients and restore the hair fibers by balancing their needs. Following are some important mineral requirements of healthy hair. Food having these minerals/nutrients contributes to the hair health growth.


 Iron deficiency can cause great issues in the human body. Anemia is the most frequent one. When suffering from anemia, the body will try to take all the iron that it founds. It will attack the hair fibers, making them fall. This is why iron supplements are used for hair treatment.


The hair fiber is made out of a very complex protein called keratin. This protein contains sulfur, meaning that this compound is vital for the hair’s health. It is demonstrated that sulfur not only helps in the hair’s growth, but it also treats diseases, such as dandruff.


Zinc plays a very important role when it comes to hair. Zinc deficiency can cause the impossibility of the body to create new hair follicles. This means that new hair won’t grow anymore leading to baldness.


Just as sulfur, magnesium can fight in combating dandruff. But it also has a different role. Sometimes calcium can create films that clog the follicles making the fibers not to grow at all, or grow under the skin. Magnesium will enter the pores and dissolve the calcium ions.

Why Shilajit is Good for Hair

Shilajit is a natural source of all the nutrients and minerals required for hair growth and health. Due to its complex composition, it is used in traditional Indian herbs made for hair loss control. It contains 85 minerals along with Fulvic acid and vitamins. Iron, sulfur, zinc, and magnesium are also part of these 85 minerals found in Shilajit. Although Shilajit is not the replacement of any medicine prescribed by dermatologists, one can fulfill the aforementioned minerals requirements by using Shilajit. This natural supplement can be used by people who want to improve hair’s health as well as those who are already struggling with hair loss. One can also use Shilajit mask for hair once or twice per month. You can add the Shilajit in your hair mask, or create your own. One tablespoon honey, two tablespoons of Castor oil, and egg yolk is great hair mask that can be applied on hair scalps. After all the products are mixed perfectly, add a tablespoon of water so you can use it easily. Apply gently on your hairs for a few minutes and wash them after 30-40 minutes. If you are on medication or suffering from any allergy, first consult your doctor before using Shilajit mask. In normal conditions, there is no need to consult the doctor as pure Shilajit is a safe natural supplement to consume or apply on the body.


Scientist demonstrated that people had healthier hair 100 years ago. The explanation of this fact is very simple. Back then, people weren’t using chemicals to wash their hair. Natural remedies tend to have great results. And Shilajit for hair can actually improve the hair fiber’s structure, making it stronger and healthier

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