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How to Achieve Holistic Health with Shilajit

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

If you look fit from your physical appearance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re healthy from inside. As long as fitness is concerned, one must pay more attention to holistic health rather than physical appearance. In its simplest term, holistic health means to create a balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Following are some natural ways to achieve holistic health.

Shilajit to Attain Holistic Health

Shilajit can be the most-significant contributor to your holistic health as it contains more than 80 natural ingredients (trace minerals, organic acids) that can give a boost to your physique, mind, and spirit naturally. Being an important ingredient of Ayurveda, It can be effectively used as a natural remedy for the following health issues:

  1. Anemia caused by iron-deficiency or blood loss
  2. High LDL Cholesterol Levels
  3. Diabetes
  4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  5. Altitude Sickness
  6. Digestive Issues
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Ulcerative Colitis
  9. Eczema
  10. Chronic Pain

In addition to all these uses, Shilajit can also strengthen your bones and provide protection against osteoporosis. According to a study, Shilajit also acts as an anti-stress agent and an adaptogen that may potentially boost the body’s resistance to stress. It can boost your libido and energy as well to make sure you do well from inside as well as outside.

You should check out these potential health benefits of Shilajit before making it a big contributor to your holistic health.

Shilajit – A Natural Rejuvenator

The concept behind holistic health is to heal your body and Shilajit can do this task very well than any other supplement. Shilajit has been known for a thousand years as a natural rejuvenator of the body because of the high amount of fulvic and humic acid present in it. Fulvic acid has many proven benefits, from keeping your digestive disorders at bay to nourishing your skin. Due to its anti-oxidative, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, Shilajit also acts as a natural detoxifier and helps you get rid of harmful toxins to keep you healthy from inside. It provides you energy to stay active throughout the day, adding up to your physical and mental wellness. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Shilajit can be one of the best supplements to benefit holistic health.

How to use Shilajit for Holistic Health?

Shilajit naturally comes in resin form. However, there are two other synthetic forms of Shilajit available i-e the powder form and mixture of Shilajit with other ingredients/supplements.

Different nutrition experts would suggest different forms as they have their own benefits, but the resins are the purest form of Shilajit with most benefits. Himalayan Healing Shilajit also comes in its natural resin form to provide the best quality Shilajit to its customers.

Normal Shilajit Quantity to Consume

Taking around 0.5 g of Shilajit with around 40-50 ml of water in a day on an empty stomach is possibly the best way to consume Shilajit.


  1. It doesn’t taste good, so avoid taking it without water.
  2. Consult your doctors or physician before using it if you are already using other medicine for similar purpose or if you are having some serious illness.

Other Ways to Get Holistic Health

There are plenty of other ways you can add to your lifestyle to get a healthy body, mind, and soul.  Shilajit can also help you in adopting these following holistic health tips.

1.      Learn to Relax

When life and work are taking a toll on you, learn to pause for a few minutes, sit back, and relax for a while. Try deep breathing and meditation technique to get through the stress and anxiety. Shilajit has the natural property to make you feel relax.

2.      Stay Energized

Energy is very important to help you stay on the top of your game. So, try energy boosters like Shilajit or green tea to make sure your mind and body are in the best condition. Shilajit can provide you the desired level of energy.

3.      Get Proper Nutrition

Stock your kitchen with the healthy foods that you like. Take your snacks twice a day and make sure you are eating the right portions of food to get enough nutrition. Shilajit can even fulfil your nutrition deficiencies.

4.      Set Goals

Set goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. Your goals should be small and achievable so that you can feel motivated and enjoy your small successes.

5.      Reward Yourself

Whenever you achieve something or do something good, reward yourself the way you like. You can eat, dance, travel, go shopping, or do whatever you like to make yourself happy.

6.      Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of healthy fluids. You can drink water, juices, or other healthy drinks to keep yourself hydrated. It will also help to flush out toxic substances from body.

7.      Exercise Daily

Exercise is the best way to keep your physical as well as mental health in check. It makes you physically and emotionally stronger. Shilajit can help in building good stamina for exercise.

8.      Find Your “Me Time”

Sometimes you need peace of mind to get through a difficult day. Don’t be afraid to do that. Go to your favourite place and spend time with yourself when you are feeling like figuring some things out.

Holistic health is important to improve your quality of life. So, never make any compromises that may jeopardize your physical and mental health. Start today to make your life better.

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