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Name Game: Nifty 9 Memory Boosters

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Ever see someone at the grocery store, office, mall, or doctor’s office and totally have a brain freeze? Well, today’s article will help you nail the name game with our nifty 9 memory boosters to naturally improve and unclog that cluttered brain.

  1. Puzzle Peeps: In our world so full presently of digital devices, go-go gadgets, and tedious tech bits, try to recall your childhood, tween, and teen years and start playing with puzzles again. Being a puzzle peep keeps your brain sharp and agile. If puzzles aren’t your cup of tea, try adult coloring, crosswords board games, cards, Zentangle, and a host of other sensory-stimulating activities and hobbies. Studies from Begley (2016) in “How Coloring Inside the Lines Came Into Fashion” from Time confirm how memory increases, concentration elevates, blood pressure reduces, and better mindfulness can also resonate from arts and puzzles (Begley, 2016). By targeting our concentration, which blocks out distractions, we can lower stress and keep our brains booming. You don’t have to be Monet or Van Gogh in order to become a puzzle peep to keep your brain in the know!
  2. Food Fever: Just as Michael Buble’s song “Fever: can calm your brain and stimulate your memory to remember the lyrics, food could also heat up your memory and overall brain health and functioning. Go green and grab some arugula for your salad or garnish, as research in Prevention finds that it’s loaded with nitrates to increase blood flow to the brain. Blueberries are rich in flavonoids to protect the brain from oxidative stress and strengthen brain cell communication” (BROWN, 2018, p. 20). Hey, blue worked for the Smurfs, so beat the memory blues, too! Other food fevers to augment memory include walnuts, salmon, and olive oil.
  3. Shilajit Shield: Defend yourself against memory loss due to dementia and Alzheimer’s, and other age-related issues. Bredesen & Rao (2017) report in “Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease” highlighted in Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine how shilajit can possibly doge your mind, body, and soul from issues such as forgetfulness, memory loss, and brain cell loss ( Be a golden guy or gal as you age and shine your shilajit shield today! You can practice your best How To Tame Your Dragon or Game of Throne moves by slipping some Himalayan Shilajit into your routines and regimens today!
  4. Sheep Sleep: While counting sheep is certainly not required after childhood, sleep surely is vital in order to maintain and sustain proper holistic health, happiness, and memory among adults. Research from Working Mother (2014) in the article, “Mantra for Self-care,” emphasizes how sleep regulates brain health, memory, stress, hormones, and immunity. Find your pillow and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” with old school lullabies like Tony Bennett’s!
  5. Plant Power: Ever heard about the Ayurveda all-star called Brahmi, also known as water hyssop, herb of grace, or Indian penny wort ( Studies further summarize how its special name derives from Brahma, the creator God of the Hindu Pantheon. It’s now being globally praised to possibly enhance memory, learning capacity, concentration, and also to treat anxiety, depression, and other maladies ( Give your brain some plant power, whether you’re prepping for those finals, trying to remember your work speech for that promotional presentation, or just recalling names from the neighborhood.
  6. Feel the Burn: Exercise is one of the easiest ways to preserve your memory. You don’t have to do any Olympian training or power moves to reap the benefits, though. Italian researchers of people age 65+ who walked enough to burn 417 calories a week (about 5½ miles at a moderate pace) were 27% less likely to develop dementia than more sedentary adults (Kosecki, 2008). Whether you’re into hiking, tai chi, rollerblading, or treadmilling, just feel the burn to fire your brains!
  7. Ease Memory With E: Vitamin E can ease your mind and memories in so many ways. Besides being heart smart and boosting immunity, vitamin e is an awesome antioxidant that  may slow down any progression of Alzheimer’s due to its likely protective effects on neurons (Cowley & Springen, 1997). Want to “Ease on Down” memory lane with vitamin E?
  8. Rap to Untrap The Memory: Whether you’re into classic poetry, pop songs, country lyrics, or rap, you can use repetition and oral rehearsals to maintain memory. For example, Bridger (2008) wrote a book called Boost Your Memory : 52 Brilliant Ideas You Won’t Forget and urged readers to try remembering one poem per week. I’ve modified it to a song since music is so universal. Bridger (2008) recommends each evening before you go to bed, repeat the lines aloud several times. Start by learning the first verse, then the second, and so on. Then, each week, test yourself on the whole piece from the previous week as a natural memory aid (p. 112). You don’t have to be Jay-Z in order to make this tip work for you!
  9. Go, Go Ginkgo: Ginkgo biloba can amp up your memory. Grab and go this staple of Chinese medicine to allegedly defend again Alzheimer’s disease, as studies claim it “can turn whole networks of neurons into gumballs. Ginkgo biloba doesn’t stop these processes, but it may enhance cerebral blood flow by dilating arteries and capillaries” (Cowley & Springen, 1997). Go, go ginkgo, yo?


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