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Am I Consuming Safe Shilajit Product?

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Shilajit is a Sanskrit word that means undefeatable. The traditional phrase associated with the Shilajit is ‘the conqueror of weaknesses’. Although Shilajit is mainly labeled as destroyer of weaknesses, there are many other health benefits associated with Shilajit. The main source of Shilajit is the Asian region, especially Pakistan. The detoxifying and the rejuvenating properties of Shilajit have made it the essential component of Ayurvedic medicine. However, its core benefits can be enjoyed as a standalone product in its purest form. All the associated qualities depend on the quality of Shilajit. If your Shilajit is not pure, it does nothing good to your body. In fact it can do many bad things to you. So, did you ever ask yourself “Am I Consuming Safe Shilajit Product”?

The purity and quality of Shilajit can be assumed or analyzed by the source region of the product. Shilajit requires both; hot and cold temperature. The hot temperature is required by Shilajit to ooze out of the mountains; where as the cold temperature keeps its properties intact. From this phenomenon, it is  easier to make a guess of the pure Shilajit origin. For instance, we can say that Shilajit does not exist in plain areas of the world. Shilajit does not exist where temperature remains only hot or only cold. Moreover, we can assume that Shilajit is present only where herbs grow in higher altitude mountains. If we consider all these factors, we can safely assume that Shilajit in Asia, especially Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan is a genuine product as this region has both temperatures and herbs at high altitude.

However, being genuine is not enough. Shilajit oozes out from the mountains means it brings impurities with it, and separating the Shilajit from the impurities, especially the rock impurities need special attention and care. There are formulas to separate the minerals like Gold from impurities.  But Gold is not edible mineral. Shilajit is the edible compound and it can’t be made pure with ordinary formulas.  Shilajit needs hand work plus high level filtering processes to make it useable for human consumption. People claim that they apply the best purification methods but who knows until he consumes. There are ways to confirm the purity of Shilajit. Lab reports are one way to check the purity of Shilajit. The lab report tells the ingredients in the Shilajit.

It has been observed that many fake Shilajit sellers are producing the fake lab reports using the technology.

It does not stop here. It has been observed that many fake Shilajit sellers copy the lab reports of genuine Shilajit sellers and edit the company details. In short, lab reports are not reliable now days. The other methods to confirm the authenticity of Shilajit is to know the registration of the company who is selling you the product.  The individuals, no matter where they belong, if don’t have a registered product means they are not 100% trustful. The registered brand in the respective countries is a symbol of trust.

There are ways to test the purity of Shilajit in personal capacity as well. This achieved by performing the basic tests at home. The first method to test the Shilajit quality is to freeze the Shilajit sample to make sure it has become hard. The next step is to press the piece of Shilajit in the front teeth. If you feel nothing, it means Shilajit is no impurities. If you feel grit, it means there are impurities like sand in the product. If you don’t feel comfortable with the chewing experiment, you can try to dissolve the product in the water. If it get dissolves and gives golden, brownish, or dark color (not pure black), then the product is pure. Another way to test Shilajit is by burning method. Shilajit never catches fire. Try to burn it, if it does not catch fire, it means it is Shilajit.

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