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Depression Women and Shilajit

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Depression Women and Shilajit are interconnected: Depression is very common among humans, especially women.  According to research, one out of four women is likely to develop chronic depression, at least once in their lives.  It is a common fact that women become depressed quickly than men.  The majority of people who become chronically depressed every year are women. The problem becomes worse when about two third of the depressed women do not seek help for their depression.

Depression affects everybody differently, and the symptoms can range from mild to severe.  It causes the women to have feelings of helplessness and despair, sadness, and worthlessness.  Many women report that while they are depressed they are much more likely to lose their hunger, have difficulty staying asleep, develop low self-esteem, become droopy, and develop low-grade fatigue.  In the most severe cases they can even become suicidal.  It is most alarming that women are much more likely to attempt to kill themselves then men are who are also suffering from chronic depression.

The reason why women are much more likely to become depressed is varied.  During adolescence the depression rates are about equal for boys and for girls, however around puberty we start to see a different a significant disparity in the depression rates.  At puberty the rates of depression become about two to one, girl versus boy.  Many experts believe that this is directly due to the hormone changes that girls start to experience. This cycle continues throughout the lifetime of a female as hormone levels continue to fluctuate through many life events: pregnancy, immediately following giving birth, menopause, and even the monthly menstrual cycles.  In regards to this later there is even a disorder called, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which typically the sufferer experiences depression and mood swings the week before menstruation to the extent that it interferes with a woman’s ability to function properly in her daily life.

The National Institutes of Health lists several genetic, reproductive, and other biological factors that increase a woman’s risk of becoming depressed.  These can include a family history of emotional disorders, a history of emotional disorders during the earlier reproductive years, losing a parent before the age of 10, the lack of a social support system, sexual or physical abuse as a child, ongoing psychological or social stress, and even taking certain medicines.  Some women who give birth develop postpartum depression, and some women suffer from seasonal affective disorder.  There are also many stress factors that women experience simply by living life that increase the likelihood of developing depression, such as losing a job, arguing with a spouse, and the stress of raising children.

How Shilajit Can Help in Depression

Many women use medicine to get rid of depression. However, there is another way of getting rid of depress feelings and attitude. Women can get rid of depression by staying busy in healthy activities. Healthy activities like exercise walk, talking to friends and families are few ways to get rid of depression. Beside these remedies, women can use Shilajit to keep their mood better and free of depression. Shilajit is known to have elements and minerals that make the brain more active, makes you feel more positive towards life, and boosts the body energy to get involved in the activities that are helpful in getting rid of depressions.  However, women must make sure that they  are buying best quality Shilajit.

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