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Does Shilajit Prevent Parkinson Disease?

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

The Parkinson disease was first explained by the James Parkinson. The disease affects the nerve cells in the brain. The disease is also related to the human aging factor. The disease comes under the category of extra-pyramidal nerve fiber system. For reader’s information, there are two types of nerves fiber system namely (a) Pyramidal and (b) Extra-Pyramidal Nerve Fiber System.  The voluntary movements of the body are controlled through the Pyramidal system. The involuntary movements are controlled through the Extra-Pyramidal system. Middle age and the elders are the main victims of the Parkinson disease. In fact the Parkinson disease is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases in which the nerve cells degenerate the producing symptoms i-e 60% to 80% of the nerve fibers get degenerated.

Parkinson Disease Symptoms

Following are the Parkinson disease symptoms.

The first basic symptom of the Parkinson disease is lack of body movement like arms and facial expressions i-e the patients feel difficulty in initiating the voluntary movements.

Tremor (uncontrollable shaking) is the second indication of the Parkinson disease. The person suffers from Tremor when at rest. The shaking disappear when the person starts moving or doing some actions.

Parkinson disease can be treated through L-Dopa, injecting the neurotropic factors, and surgeries like dopaminergic tissue implantation. The other solution is the use of Shilajit. It is believed that Shilajit can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson disease. A study conducted by Paul Flechsig Institute for Brain Research showed the reduced symptoms of the Parkinson disease. In the study, the researchers applied the Shilajit dose for a seven days period, resulting in reduction of acetyl cholinesterase staining. Cholinergic system helps in reducing the disease symptom. A similar research was carried out at Banaras Hindu university of India, observing the similar properties of Shilajit in controlling the Parkinson disease. The research showed improved results with the use of Withania somnifera.

Is Shilajit Effective in Pregnancy Too?

Shliajit has numerous health benefits due to wide range elements it contains. Since there are more than 80 minerals in a pure Shilajit sample, the scientists performed different experiments to know its benefits. One of case study is performed on the pregnancy conditions. The researchers from the King Saud University College of Science performed the similar experiments to know the safety of Shilajit in pregnancy. The experiments were performed on the pregnant mice. The pregnant mice were given 250 to 500 mg of Shilajit orally during the first 8 to 12 days of pregnancy.  The researchers found no abnormalities in the treated and the controlled mice. However, the clinical study is not performed on the humans. Therefore, females are advised to consult their doctor to know if they can use Shilajit during pregnancy and what quantity is suitable if the doctors don’t object the use of Shilajit during pregnancy.

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