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Herbal Decoction and Shilajit

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Decoction is a process of extracting liquid from herbs and plants. The usual process of extraction involves boiling the herbs in water. Herbal decoction is not a new process. It has been used by ancient people for curing many diseases and the practice is still in use by the herbalists. The decoction process usually involves the herbs or plants that are woody or sticky in nature i-e their aqueous solution is not easy to get by crushing or chewing them. However, there are some standards that need to be followed to make the herbal decoction.  Follow these instructions to make the best out of the herbal decoction process. There is also herbal decoction and Shilajit process that enhances the benefits of herbal decoction.

Decoction Process

  1. Before preparing the herbal decoction at home, make sure the herbs have no restriction of quantity and their combination with other herbs produce no harmful effects. If you don’t know about the herbs strength or the effect of combining many herbs together, consult with the herbalists. Many herb sellers also know the effect and use of the herbs. So, you can also consult with them while purchasing the herbs for use in home.
  2. Once, you get the herbal quantity and mixing information, take the desired amount of herb (e.g one tablespoon or one teaspoon) and mix it in cold water (e.g one cup of water for one tablespoon of herbs). If the herbs are not in powder form but they can be grinded, then go ahead and grind them before adding them in water. This action speeds up the decoction process.
  3. Place the herbs and water mixture in a pot that has a closing lid with some air inhaling feature (usually a small hole). The air inhaling is required in order to make sure that the gaseous pressure does no harm to the pot when the boiling starts.
  4. Boil the mixture for some 30 to 40 minutes on a very gentle fire.
  5. After 30-40 minutes, take the herbal mixture and strain it. The liquid is the herbal decoction and the leftover is herbal remains that can be used one more time to prepare the herbal decoction by repeating the process by adding one more cup of water. However, the intensity of the herbal decoction prepared for the second time is not high, but still good enough to be used.

Decoction and Shilajit

Shilajit is also a herbal extract in the solid form that converts into liquid form finally dissolves in water on high temperature or stirring. It has more than 80 minerals and elements that are beneficial for the health. There are many ways of taking Shilajit. Some people prefer it with milk or water, some take it with juice. However, there is one more way of using Shilajit to get the best out of the herbal super food; use Shilajit with herbal decoction. The combination of Shilajit with the herbal decoction can increase the benefit of decoction. It can enhance the benefits of the herbal decoction by adding its properties to the overall mixture. In order to use Shilajit in herbal decoction, there is no need to boil the Shilajit in the mixture. The pure natural Shilajit dissolves in liquid upon stirring. For one tablespoon of herb and one cup of water, the Shilajit of the size of a rice or wheat is enough. Just add it to the herbal decoction and enjoy the best decoction with added advantages and benefits to your body.

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