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How To Make Sure You are Buying Real Shilajit?

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

With numerous brands and resellers in the online market, the consumer is bound to get overwhelmed and confused over which brand to go for! This blog post will help you sideline the best Shilajit candidates in the market. And also help you fathom the gold standard quality of Himalayan Healing’s Shilajit!

Make Sure Your Brand Is Registered

The registration of a brand automatically authenticates the products released by any company at all, let alone supplement brands! Registered companies are kept under strict supervision by authorities to make sure that each and every supplement is sent out conforming to the highest quality standards. This also makes sure the product is safe for consumption.

Review Third-Party Tested Certificates

Third-party tested products are the ones that have been checked for the purity of ingredients and standards of quality. This also ensures the efficacy of the product. Shilajit is usually tested in labs and kept under surveillance to record its performance and behavior.

Look for Heavy Metals in the Reports

Lab testing also ensures that products are kept free from filler content and heavy metal inclusion. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminium, and Arsenic are all considered heavy metals. Their daily use may lead to unfathomable damage to the human body – and may even progress to cancer! Unfortunately, the supplement industry is packed with brands that sell products contaminated with heavy metals, thus damaging the health ecosystem of the human body.

Should Qualiy Export Quality Standards

Have you ever wondered why imported products happen to be so expensive? It’s because they have undergone rigorous and thorough standard testing – even then they would get rejected in the process! The product is improved over and over again until it is considered export quality! And that is why you should always opt for such products!

Check Out Reviews On Credible Websites

The consumers have formed a harmonious and friendly community online where they share their experiences about products and their respective results. One should do their homework and keep an eye out for good ratings and reviews for the product they wish to purchase. One such credible website is Amazon, a portal where millions of consumers buy and sell on a daily basis. All under strict guidelines and quality control measures!

Check Out Your Product’s Sourcing Method

Supplements like Shilajit unravel their true potential under drastic temperatures, approximately over 1600 feet! They form over centuries to obtain their nature and hence the fruitful benefits. Since this process is time-consuming and tedious, it coaxes brands to form impure forms of Shilajit that take much less time. And are hence contaminated.

Why Choose The Himalayan Healing Shilajit?

 A 100% Registered Brand

After going through a heavy screening, Himalayan Healing achieved the status of one of the most reputable registered companies in Pakistan.

 100% Lab-Tested Products

Our products went through aggressive testing in the labs and are also used commonly by our team members. Our brand is our reputation and sending out the BEST products for our consumers is what we take pride in.

 Zero Heavy Metals

We despise and negate the use of filler and heavy metal content in our products! Our product has been lab-tested, thus declared as 100% pure and absolutely authentic Shilajit.

 Export Quality Recognition

Our product is enjoyed by international consumers all over the globe. And this was only made possible by aggressive quality control methods exerted by our team.

 Amazing Reviews On Amazon

Our customer base overwhelms us with the love and support for our brand. We have gathered a large plethora of customers that made use of the remarkable benefits of Shilajit!

 Sourced Directly From The Himalayas

When it comes to our brand, we do not trust anyone else to do the job for us! Our Shilajit is sourced from over a 1600 feet height from the glorious mountains of Gilgit Baltistan

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