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Mineral Mania: Fab 4 Benefits of Trace Minerals

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, lethargic, unbalanced, unhealthy, and cranky lately? Stop acting like Grumpy Cat, the Internet fur sensation. Forget about booking expensive spa days or lavish retreats in Bali. Stop taking twenty different bottles of herbs and supplements daily in hopes of a magical solution. Instead, this article informs you how to safely rejuvenate the right way by adding more trace minerals to your life easily and affordably to increase your overall holistic health, happiness, and wellness.

Fab 4 Benefits of Trace Minerals

Mineral mania is a trending topic presently in today’s wellness world for the mind, body, and soul merits. In sum, let’s briefly explore why with our Fab 4 Benefits of Trace Minerals overview (in no particular order of importance)!

  1. Happy Camper: No, you don’t need to pack a tent, endure the elements, and build a fire to warm up your health. Enjoy the ample advantages of trace minerals as they’re hassle free, natural, and evidence-based. In turn, they’ll make you a happy camper as far as heart, blood sugar, bone, and joint relief.

First, make your heart happy and healthy with the array of cardiovascular benefits from iron and cooper, a terrific tag team for boosting oxygen in our bodies. No need to wait for Valentine’s Day as trace minerals are active heart agents daily!

Next, sweeten your life the proactively since trace minerals are also great for diabetic and pre-diabetic blood sugar management. Sorry, but we’re not talking about smores!

Finally, trace minerals also serve as awesome arthritic armor, too, for properly protecting your bone and joint health, while also fighting any signs of flares or inflammation. For example, recent research about bone health and interventions, in particular, linked the systemic usage of shilajit for possibly accelerating new bone remodeling in an article by Cesur, ÖĞRENİM, GÜLLE, ŞİRİN, AKPOLAT, & CESUR (2019) featured in the Medical Journal of Suleyman Demirel University.  Definitely a mighty multitasker, right? Great news for anyone suffering from osteoporosis and other related issues. You’ll be happy campers while singing Pharrell’s “Happy” in no time!

  1. Flu Fighters: Don’t let germs, colds, and flus pollute your days and nights. Fight back with trace minerals for their immunity boosting properties in Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Glutathione, and Catalase ( Talk about some real “Kung Fu Fighters,” eh?
  2. Zip Up With Zinc: Seeking a mental health genie in a bottle? Based on the article, “Doctor’s Orders Lavender Baths, Laughter and 10,000 Steps a Day” (2018), findings in  the Evening Standard suggest using zinc, along with magnesium and potassium, to regulate moods and to zap stress, depression, sexual dysfunction, moodiness, anxiety, and other issues. It’s also a secretively sensual agent for sexual health, so newlyweds, anniversary celebrants, and all other romantics take heed! Bachelorette and Bachelor show fans should definitely take notice!
  3. Fountain of Youth: You don’t have to be an archaeologist in Cairo or Rome to fight dry skin, dull hair, and other annoying signs of aging. Find the fountain of youth naturally with trace minerals. They not only reduce wrinkles and fine lines but also help to heal wounds, burns, and bruises, based on their amazing antioxidant power! Look and feel like Justin Timberlake, Priyanka Chopra, A Rod, or glow with J Lo!

Shine On With Shilajit

Now that you know why trace mineral mania is all the rage, check out our one-stop shop at Skip the expensive airfare, gross airplane meals, and need to find a Sherpa as our amazing Shilajit will help you to shine on!

Likewise, research by Keller, Housh, Hill, Smith, Schmidt, & Johnson (2019) strongly praises the outstanding effects of Shilajit supplementation to fight fatigue-induced decreases in muscular strength from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition at Himalayan Healing Shilajit! Ready to be buff and beautiful with Shilajit? It’s heralded as a safe, fluvic mineral complex exudate that’s common to Ayurvedic remedies and chockfull of dibenzo-α-pyrones, proteins, and minerals ( Shine from the inside out today with Himalayan Shiljit!

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