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Spring Cleaning: Detox of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Are you presently in the process of purging and organizing those winter closets, dusting and sprucing those musty attics, dingy basements, and storage bins full of clutter? While donating some gently used clothing and other no longer needed household items to a local charity to jump start your spring cleaning, don’t forget about other areas of your life and wellness. While most of us tend to extensively focus on our spring gardens, homes, decks, vehicles, and other physical spaces, we often neglect to perform a thorough spring cleaning to detox ourselves holistically as far as the mind, body, and spiritual domains.  Eager to learn 5 simple spring detox strategies to achieve an extreme makeover to amp up your happiness and health?

Spring Into Action: Mind, Body, and Soul Detox Steps for Spring Cleaning

In turn, we’ve compiled a quick, creative “detox” acrostic to enable you to remember our simple, research-based, and practical suggestions. Ready to spring into action with us today?

  • D stands for Digital Detox: Take a tech timeout, not as a punishment, but as a wellness check and sanity saver. In addition to allocating 30 minutes a day to going gadget, tech, and digital free, we also urge to you detox any unneeded computer files, duplicate videos or photos, phone contacts, email addresses, and other junk in the trunk. Research finds that it’s vital for users of all ages to digitally detox to understand how not only to use technology wisely, but also how to recognize “how devices can get in the way of having real conversations and relationships” (“San Francisco tech-forward schools unplug,” 2015). Power down to power up your mental, physical, and spiritual spring detox!
  • E is for Engage in Self-Care Rituals: Whether you integrate a nightly foot soak, bubble bath, lighting candles, reading of a motivational or spiritual book, praying, journaling, drawing, meditating, stretching, or diffusing essential oils, you matter, so engage in self-care rituals. Studies from Rabbitt (2018) in the Yoga Journal strongly praise essential oils to foster physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self-care each day. Why oils? Based on the fact that our olfactory nerve is the only sensorial nerve with direct access to the brain, “scent strongly influences emotion and memory—affecting physical, emotional, and mental health” ( Lavender or lemongrass, anyone?
  • T means to Take Time To Eat Mindfully: Instead of a mind full or mouth full mentality of greasy, sugary, nasty contents, take time to truly eat mindfully: smell, appreciate, chew, and savor natural foods. Stop super sizing your fries and pies and strive for portion control. Findings from a recent 2019 Harvard study showed how mindful eating not only helped to encourage weight loss but also with proactive and increased pre-diabetes and diabetes self-management ( Smoothie time?
  • O represents Opt for the Outdoors: Regardless of your location near lakes, mountains, beaches, parks, farms, or skyscrapers, opt today for an active and outdoor walk, hike, stroll, bike, jog, run, or skate to acquire more “sunshine vitamin” of vitamin D. Laliberte’s (2019) recent article in Prevention strongly contends how nurturing in nature helps to synchronize your body and regulate your circadian rhythm, as it acts like a hormone to monitor your production of serotonin. Spring clean to detox yourself holistically and don’t forget your sunscreen, folks!
  • X refers to Examine Ayurveda: Honor a highly revered, natural, empowering, traditional, and indigenous system of Indian medicine to possibly expel an array symptoms associated with chronic pain, fatigue, stress, diabetes, diseases of the urinary tract, sexual dysfunction, “oedema, tumours, muscle wasting, epilepsy and even insanity” (, according to Pandit, Biswas, Jana, Mukhopadhyay, & Biswas’s (2016) article, “Clinical evaluation of purified Shilajit on testosterone levels in healthy volunteers,” from Andrologia. Try the healing powers of the great mountains and examine our product to perhaps extend your happiness, health, love life, and longevity since we deliver an organic, herbal, mineral supplement of purified resin comprised of 85+ minerals and trace elements. Examine the potential benefits of this best natural antioxidant!

While we’re not advocating that you lift weights as rigorously and transform into the beefy Rock, the actor, Dwayne Johnson, we definitely recommend examining the rock-hard humus, minerals, and organic substances that may enrich your spring detox strategies to attain an extreme makeover of your mind, body, and soul as you set sail on your spring detox cleaning endeavors!


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