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Taking Shilajit in summer – Factors to Consider

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Shilajit is a natural herbal supplement with unlimited health benefits. Many people hesitate to use Shilajit in summer comparing to its usage in the winter season. This is mainly because of the fact that many people believe Shilajit increases the body temperature and the quantity of Shilajit must be reduced in the summer season.

Factors to be considered in summer

In winter, Shilajit is recommended with milk, coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.  In summer, the Shilajit is recommended with plenty of water. But there are few factors that need to be considered by every human while they are taking Shilajit in summer or winter. These factors include your body size, your overall health, your metabolism/digestive system, and your living lifestyle. If you have a good body size and have good health, you can start with the winter recommendations and fine tune the final dosage as you feel better. If you don’t have good digestive system and your body do not withstand with the winter dosage plan, you can reduce the amount to 50% and slowly increase the dosage up to the limit where you feel good.

Why Use Shilajit in Summer?

A pure Shilajit dosage in any weather can help in slowing down the aging process, making your bones and muscles strong, making your skin healthy and glowing. Natural and pure Shilajit makes your hairs strong, makes your memory strong, makes your sleep better, and helps your body in cleansing. Shilajit not only reduces the body weight but also heals the wounds easily.  Shilajit increases the fertility in women and increases the testosterone level in men (according to the clinical studies conducted by some researchers). It slows down the process of Alzheimer (nervous system) disease (according to some studies) and helps in the chronic fatigue syndrome. Shilajit is best in high altitude sickness. Shilajit can help in fighting the iron deficiency anemia. It makes the heart stronger (according to the research on lab rats). Shilajit is good supplement for detoxifying the waste minerals in the body. Shilajit helps in balancing the blood sugar level. Shilajit helps in getting rid of stress. It can fight the gastric ulcer. Shilajit regulates the hormones and the immune system of the body. Shilajit decreases the inflammation. Shilajit also makes the digestive system better.

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