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Balancing Life with Natural Supplements

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Healthy food is important for life. There are many supplements that are part of the healthy food diet. Minerals are part of the supplements required for good health. Minerals make muscles, bones and teeth strong. Minerals nourish your skin and hair. Minerals are also important for the blood. Besides that, minerals also play their role in converting the food into energy. There must be a balance of minerals consumed in diet. Following is a brief discussion about balancing life with natural supplements.

Minerals from the Roof of the World

Availing minerals is possible through synthetic and natural supplements. People prefer natural supplements over synthetic. However getting natural supplements are not easy. Many of the purest natural supplements occur in mountains or difficult terrains of the world.  Accessing those natural supplements is a difficult task. In such circumstances, we feel proud in making the difficult task easier by reaching those natural supplements and making them available for people use. We are working to bring those natural supplements from the world’s most dangerous mountainous terrains to your dining table in the form of Himalayan Healing Shilajit.  Himalayan Healing Shilajit is the supplement that is harvested directly by the nature. No chemicals, no synthetic elements are added to the Himalayan Healing Shilajit. It is sourced from the above the 16,000 feet high altitude, from the place known as the roof of the world, Gilgit Baltistan. Himalayan Healing Shilajit does not contain any chemicals, additives, or any synthetic products addition. It is pure natural Shilajit with all the health pro minerals that are associated with Gold quality Shilajit. The Shilajit sourced by us contains more than 65% Fulvic acid ratio, probably highest in any naturally occurring supplements.

How Shilajit Plays its Role in Health

Shilajit contains minerals like manganese, iron, copper, selenium, zinc, cuprum, nickel, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and organic elements, such as Fulvic acid and humic acid. These mineral and elements play their role in healthy living.

Fulvic Acid Role:  Fulvic acid is a multi-functional element. It works as an antioxidant in the body. It helps the oxygen molecules to go inside the muscle cells without the interference of the lactic acid.

Manganese and Iron Role:  These minerals help in breaking down the food into energy. They also boost the ETC in human body. ETC helps in converting the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy.

Copper Selenium and Zinc Role: These minerals help in making the hair and skin strong by promoting the collagen.

Cuprum, Calcium, and Silicone: These minerals help in fighting the bones disease. They make the bones and muscles strong.

Magnesium and Potassium Role: Magnesium and Potassium play a vital role in balancing the glucose level in the blood. Their role is also observed in health of the heart.

The aforementioned are few of the minerals and their roles in balancing the human health requirements in the form of minerals and organic elements. The overall health benefits of far more than what we have explained in this article. Only a pure Shilajit can help in achieving all those benefits in the form of natural supplement.

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