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Shilajit Benefits for Bones and Muscles

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Bones and muscles are two fundamental organs of the body. To understand the effect of Shilajit on bones and muscles, let us see the composition of bones and muscles and how Shilajit can help both.

About Bones

Some people think bones as hard substance in the body without life. The reality is different. Bones are the living structures in the human body which require food to live, they respond to the diet intake and the exercise activities. People who do regular exercise have strong bones because the bones respond to the exercise efforts. Bones are mainly made up of calcium. They require vitamin D in order to grow and stay healthy. People who have weak bones are termed as the victims of Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become weak and may break. The most dangerous reality of osteoporosis is that it does not show any sign of pain and weaknesses to the human. A person knows about the disease when a bone suffers from fracture.

How Shilajit Can Help in Bones Growth

Bones contain about 99 percent of the total body’s calcium. Therefore it is important to have enough calcium to meet the requirement of the bones. Shilajit contains good amount of calcium that can be used by the human body to meet the calcium requirements. Only intake of enough calcium is not enough. The body must know who to utilize this calcium for bones. Therefore it is important to have a good hormonal system that can direct the calcium to its destination. Luckily, Shilajit has the tendency to enhance the hormonal system performance of the body. The next hurdle in utilizing the calcium is the absorption of the calcium by the body. Many humans take enough calcium but their body is not able to absorb the calcium present in the body. The Fulvic acid in Shilajit has the tendency to take the calcium deep inside the cells where is it required.  The other requirement by the bones is vitamin D. The natural way of getting vitamin D is through sunlight. However, Shilajit contains other vitamins too that can help grow a better and healthier bones. The natural source of calcium like spinach, walnuts, and sweet potatoes not only provide us the calcium but they also transfer the oxalates to the body. It is not easy for all human bodies to absorb the calcium in the presence of such oxalates. Therefore, it is vital to use Shilajit in such cases because the Shilajit not only provides the calcium but it also has the tendency to dissolve the oxalates in the body.

About Muscles

The muscles are soft tissues in the body. A human body contains about 600 to 700 muscles. We can breakdown the muscles tissues into three main types’ namely (a) Visceral, (b) Cardiac, and (c) Skeletal. Visceral tissues are found inside the organs like stomach, intestines, and blood vessels. The cardiac muscles are found in the heart and they are responsible for pumping the blood in the body. The skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles in the body that are involved in body actions like speaking, walking, writing etc.

How Shilajit Can Help in Muscles Growth

Protein, vitamins, and the calcium are the main requirements of the body muscles. Since all these substances and minerals are present in the Shilajit, one can use this natural supplement for healthy muscles growth. Other foods that can be used for muscle strength includes yogurt, fish, beans, spinach, and milk. A combination of milk and Shilajit not only provides enough nutrients to the muscle cells but the Shilajit minerals and the Fulvic acid makes sure the nutrients that enter in the body are actually utilized by the body cells.

Shilajit benefits for bones and muscles are very promising. However, only natural and authentic Shilajit can provide such benefits. The imitated products in the market are not good enough to provide the associated benefits. We offer highest quality natural Shilajit which can provide all the above mentioned benefits.

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