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Shilajit Grading and Source of the Purest Shilajit

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Shilajit is a wonderful herb with miraculous benefits to human health. Although there are numerous health advantages of this particular natural resin, yet it is worth knowing its grading. Shilajit is not of equal quality across the globe. It comes into existence after years of geothermal pressure on biomasses of minerals and plant materials. You may not be aware that this is a pure natural phenomenon that includes nothing artificial. As a result of this natural process, a tar-like pitch is generated that sparkles in the rocks especially in the Himalayan region throughout the hot season. Different parts of the world have different patterns of rocks that identify the grading system. When the exudate is sanitized in order to take it out from the rock, the resultant resin is blackish helping you to differentiate the grade.  So it is clear that not every type of Shilajit is pure, you will notice the quality difference in so many areas.

Grading Hierarchy

Various grades of Shilajit have changing levels of beneficial value and are referred to the colors of rocks from which it appears:

  • Gold and Red rock (Shilajit emerging from these rocks are of the highest grade)
  • Yellow rocks (2nd Grade)
  • Grey rocks (3rd Grade)
  • Brown rocks (4th Grade)
  • Substance created from animal faces (This is the most common sort of resin sold nowadays)

The Highest Grade Shilajit

The highest grade of Shilajit brings the most effective healing value and that’s why loved all over the world. This is the only pure version that possesses the legendary properties required by herbal practitioners when assisting their patients in getting good health. It is not clearly known that why the Shilajit extracted from Gold and Red rocks contain the most therapeutic value. However, benefits of this type of Shilajit have been proven over thousands of years. Some analysts have said that these rocks hold the high copper content. If you are aware of herbal treatments, then you should understand that copper is of great importance when it comes to treat people for attaining a good health. It is also worth knowing that the highest grade Shilajit is found only in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. This part of Pakistan is famous for producing the top quality Shilajit with proven health benefits.

The most adorable and effective Shilajit is taken out from the highest peaks of Himalayas which are about 16000 to 18000 feet above the sea level. The treacherous and remote regions of Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan contain the Authentic Shilajit, famous for producing the 100% ultra-pure resin. The procedure of its purification is carried out through natural ways, simply using the natural spring water and the sunlight. Skardu is known for the highest quality Shilajit, offering you myriad benefits to improve your lifestyle.

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