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Shilajit Benefits for Men

by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Shilajit is widely used by men and women due to the countless health benefits it provides. Shilajit is more popular in men due to the Shilajit benefits for men. Its natural ingredients can overcome the men’s health issues. Different clinical studies show that a good percentage of men suffer from (a) muscle strength, (b) bones density, (c) fat distribution, and (d) red blood cells production issues

To find out if Shilajit can help men in getting rid of these health issues, a clinical research1 was conducted where each volunteer was given a dosage of 250mg Shilajit on daily basis for a period of 90 days. The results showed a positive effect on the aforementioned health related issues. This research shows the power of the natural supplement. The conducted research and the positive results can help the medical science in finding the ways of overcoming different men health issues through Shilajit. The research conducted also showed that the two hormones namely (a) Follicle stimulating hormone and (b) luteinizing hormone also maintained their level during the 90 days period.  Therefore, it can be safely concluded that by using pure quality Shilajit, one can expect positive effect in bones and muscle strength along with fat distribution and red blood cells production. However, people suffering from red blood deficiency should consult with their doctors first before using Shilajit for the very same purpose.

Other Men Health Issues

Many people want to know if they really need a medicine or supplement to improve their health or body requirements. Following are few of the men health issues that can be treated by using Shilajit.

Loss of Hair

People who have no inherited hair loss or have no heart issues can treat their hair loss problem with Shilajit. It is not a guarantee that Shilajit will cure the hair loss, but there are cases where people lose their hairs due to some deficiency related to vitamins or hormone issues.  In such cases, Shilajit can be used to fulfill the body deficiencies related to hair loss.


People who are suffering from fatigue and tiredness can use Shilajit for boosting their body power.

Increased body fat

Men who experience an increase in body fat can try Shilajit. People who experience an increase in body fat and large breast tissues issues can use Shilajit as a remedial solution.

Although Shilajit can help people in getting rid of different health related issues, it is vital to use on authentic Shilajit. Only authentic Shilajit, extracted from the source and purified with standard procedures can provide the real benefits associated with Shilajit

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