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by Syed Zahir Ali Shah 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Though Shilajit has great health benefits, it can boost your physical and mental health – is rich in minerals, Humic and Fulvic acids, before you use it is essential to learn about the possible side effects from contamination if taken impure. While it is important to be careful, it is worth to learn about its wonders and treat your body with this magical substance. As trees, human body also needs to be replenished with Minerals and micro- nutrients, and Shilajit is “Nature’s Perfect Food” that can refill the body’s mineral needs – a “Pure Shilajit Resin”  is an extremely potent mineral pitch which is believed to give body all the 85 minerals and micro nutrients it requires to function optimally. Due to the rising awareness and high demand, the vendors have started supplying lower quality or an impure form which can harm be quite harmful to your body! Since Shilajit is originally present inside the mountain rocks that are rooted in earth’s soil, there is a natural occurrence of  different soil related contamination. If Shilajit is not purified properly, it may contain bacteria, spores, or toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury which can even cause kidney or liver damage. It is important to learn basic ways to test the Shilajit Authenticity and purity at home!

Some health specialists also advice that people with heart related diseases especially those with low blood pressure should avoid the use of Shilajit as it further lowers the blood pressure. It isn’t really a side effect but a cautionary measure same as one shouldn’t eat a chocolate if diabetic! or drink red wine, as that too lowers the blood pressure making one go a little tipsy! Some pregnancy guides also advice to avoid taking Shilajit during in pregnancy as naturally during pregnancy the hormonal changes cause the blood vessels to dilate, leading to a lowering of blood pressure. Taking Shilajit would further lower the blood pressure and risk the efficient blood flow to the fetus. Caution is necessary.

Coming back to the actual risks reasons of side effects of impure Shilajit – the top risks of consuming a low quality or impure Shilajit  comes from the fact that Shilajit is available almost everywhere! The market today is full of sellers offering Shilajit from all regions ranging from Altai Mountains to lower Himalayas and even up to the Sky-touching Greater Himalayas. Low quality Shilajit that is abundantly being sold in market can even be found at 2000m (apx 6500ft)  above the sea level, and highest quality even at 5500m (apx.18000ft) .

To produce the highest quality Shilajit, it is extremely important to have a great Shilajit source as environment greatly effects the purity of Shilajit rock. In high altitudes there are less risks of soil related contamination from the common result of the use of chemicals and fertilizers and even the transportation relate hazardous smoke that penetrates into the earth and even into the Shilajit rocks.   It is the why at Healing Shilajit we test our Shilajit in world’s best US and AU labs for safety. However testing Shilajit does not guarantee a great Shilajit quality! Shilajit quality lies in its sourcing origin and height! At Healing Shilajit we chose to personally source, purify and supply fresh Shilajit straight from World’s Highest Himalayas in Gilgit Baltistan , a place known to be the roof of the world and also regarded as the most suitable for the highest quality Shilajit due to its pristine nature and unique geographic features ! Sourcing from a rich origin is not enough! Shilajit  must be purified with techniques which will not only decontaminate it but also will preserve its valuable original minerals and micro-nutrients essence!  Most of the top rated Shilajit sellers claim to have safe tested Shilajit but we at “Himalayan Healing” believe that modern technology or chemical filters kill the spirit of Shilajit.  There is no known test to evaluate or measure the full micro nutrients in Shilajit , it is a hidden secret what lies inside each bottle – it is really the high nutrition, the 85 mineral they claim or is just energy fillers? We go for centuries old 100% natural indigenous Shilajit procedures keeping in mind that Shilajit quality in fact differs on the basis of mineral count and we cannot kill its spirit by washing away its minerals by exposing it to chemicals!

The use of authentic Shilajit is centuries old process in Greater Himalayas and indigenous people have been preparing it by 100% natural methods bringing it down from the pristine Himalayan mountains. According to paper submitted to the American Medical Association Journal by Dr. Robert McCarrison, not a single member of this Burusho community have ever suffered from any form of cancer. The Hunza people also experience incredibly prolonged fertility with some women giving birth naturally at sixty-five years old.

Shilajit is a magic substance, a gift of nature. Its health benefits out-measures all other modern supplements. The high concentration minerals, Fulvic and Humic acids are a great food for the body and mind. It helps the brain function, acts as the best anti-agent , fights anemia, kills chronic fatigue, is antiviral, great for heart health, best remedy for obesity, and supports sexual health in women and in men.

Once you decide you take Shilajit, make a right choice.  Your health and money are worth it. The market is full of  all kind of quality ranging 1$ / gram to 10$ per gram. Don’t be over carried by too cheap and risk your health – and  at the same time do not also believe that highest price means the best quality. Bigger companies keep much bigger profits as they fight to sell and spend much in adverts, even every click you make on Google, someone already has counted that! Learn about all other Shilajit brands and quality and then take your time to read about Himalayan Healing Shilajit – our sourcing and the safe and healthy process of making  – you will never trust another!

Take Shilajit and treat your body!  You will see the difference! Shilajit is number one herb used in Ayurveda. It has been used for centuries.  Give it a try. Your body will thank you.

Healing Shilajit can also be purchased online or in one of our online stores on eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Simply click on the icon of your
chosen platform to visit the shop! We recommend buying through website as prices are lower than other stores.

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