Hunza Secret | Multi Natural Minerals Complex

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100% Natural | 100% Sundried | No Additives | Plant Based | Naturally Processed | Gold Grade | Lab Tested | 85+ Minerals | Rich in Fulvic Acid | HACCP Certified | ISO 22000 Certified | ISO 9001 Certified | GMP Certified | HALAL Certified | Organic Certified | NON GMO Certified | Gluten Free Certified | Shelf Life Tested (3 Years)

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Hunza Secret | Multi Natural Minerals Complex

Hunza Secret | Multi Natural Minerals Complex


Hunza Secret | Multi Natural Minerals Complex


    Direct from the Source

    Skip the Middleman

    When you buy from us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, ensuring authenticity and quality.

    Highest Extraction Level

    18000 Feet High Extraction

    Our product is sourced from the pristine, unpolluted heights of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 18,000 feet. Experience the purity of nature’s best. Don’t get trapped into the fake advertisements and claims. Buy pure Himalayan Shilajit.

    40 Days Sun-drying Process

    Never Heated Never Cooked

    Shilajit drying is the most critical point in preparing the finished product. Manufacturers either go for sun drying process (Which is time consuming but recommended) or cooking process using the fire or high-voltage current (Which is fast but unhealthy approach). Majority of the Shilajit producers go for cooking method to speed up the Shilajit drying process and sell the burnt/unhealthy Shilajit in the market. Unlike many, we use 40 days sun drying process to naturally prepare the final product and retain its true benefits and properties. We own a vast sun-drying facility where different batches of Shilajit are sun-dried everyday throughout the year.

    Safety and Quality Testing

    We Perform Highest Number of Quality Tests

    Many people ask this question if our product is genuine and how to verify. We want to tell every reader that our Shilajit is 100% genuine and supreme quality. This can be verified from the lab reports we provide. Each batch undergoes stringent testing for: - Heavy metals - Aflatoxins - Pesticides - Microorganisms - Fulvic and Humic substances - Trace minerals - Nutritional factors .

    Quality Food Certifications

    Highest Number of Certifications Achieved

    With over ten years in the industry, we hold all major food safety and quality certifications, including: - ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 - GMP - HACCP - HALAL -Organic -Gluten Free -NON GMO .

    FDA Facility Registration

    US FDA Reg. No: 13688****42

    Our production facility is registered with US FDA which is the prime testimony of our product quality.

    3 Years Expiry Duration

    Shelf Life Tested

    We are the only product from Himalayas who have got 3 years Shelf life span of our product, tested by renowned international lab in Dubai.

    Free Shipping & Returns

    30 Days Return Policy

    Enjoy free express delivery to the USA, UK, and Australia. Free shipping is also available to other countries. We do offer a 30-day easy return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have used our product and not satisfied with the results, just return the used product and take your full refund. So, Shop with confidence!

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    Embrace the natural power of Himalayan Healing Shilajit – Your gateway to vitality, naturally sourced from the heart of the Himalayas.